About us

We are a small team of restoration experts. We can restore nearly anything back to it’s former glory!


 What we can do for you:

At SSS Restorers we do just that; restore. We have experience restoring nearly any material including zinc and aluminum based cast, stainless, aluminum, steel, chrome, plastic, plastic chrome and even upholstery. We do all of the restoration and repair work ourselves, in house, by hand, to the highest standard possible. We partner with other professional local shops for our chrome plating upholstery and occasionally fabrication needs. We offer several plating options including our standard triple plating process, gold, silver, copper, zinc and satin chrome finishes. When it comes to cast we are very experienced in removing corrosion, brazing, repairing and re-chroming vintage cast parts. We can also restore your damaged plastic parts including taillight housings, emblems and even lenses. We are one of the few shops left that still offer triple plate plastic chrome, just the way the factory did it. We also have a lot of experience in restoring aluminum, even very fragile parts like early BMW grills. We specialize in working with extremely rare, sometimes one of a kind parts. Our clients worldwide trust us to get it right. 

About our location:

How can we offer this service at such a high level at a lower price? That’s thanks to our location! We are located in the beautiful mountains of Southern Mexico. And because the cost of living and operating here is so much less than other places, we can pass that onto the customer. Is Shipping parts to Mexico safe!? Yes. We handle the shipping ourselves and since a huge part of our business is shipping, we know what we’re doing. We make the shipping labels ourselves in a way that inures no issues in customs no matter what country we are shipping to or from. We only use FedEx and in 4 years of business and over 12 countries served, we have never had a package lost, held or even delayed. We make it easy, just box up your parts, print your label and drop them off at your nearest FedEx location. We handle the rest!


Meet our team

SSS Restorers is a team of two. Both of us dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible!

Logan Neet

"I am originally from the small town of Clarkston Washington USA. I grew up around classic cars, and have always had a passion for them. I also love working with my hands and have always had an eye for detail. After my wife and I moved to Mexico I started SSS Restorers to combine both those things. I saw that this trade was unfortunately dying out and/or extremely expensive. If you had a car that wasn't supported by the aftermarket community and you didn't have a fortune to spend, you were out of luck when it comes to things like cast repair and trim restoration and chrome. So, I taught myself how to do stainless repair and started SSS with the goal to offer a top notch, world class service to the classic car community at an attainable price. We started restoring stainless grills for Datsun 510's and now work with several different classic car communities and customers all over the world (over 12 countries), restoring almost every type of material. It's really been an awesome experience, and something I love doing"

Levi Smit

"I'm from a small town in the Netherlands called Dedemsvaart. I moved to Mexico a couple of years ago where I met Logan. When I heard that he had started a parts restoration business I was immediately interested and asked if I could join in. Now a few years later SSS restorers is what it is today and it makes me very happy, satisfied and proud to see our happy customers enjoying our restored parts on their cars. Like logan I have always liked working with my hands and I have an eye for detail. Restoring these beautiful classic car parts is fantastic work, every part is unique and has it's own history, most parts are older than me! Some of our customer's cars have been in the family for years even decades for example, how awesome is that! So restoring their parts is like giving them a second chance to continue their story and make more people happy with their car and what it stands for."

Trusted by the best

Why can you trust SSS Restorers? Because top restoration shops and private builders the world over do! We have had the privilege of working with some amazing people and shops over the years with more coming soon. Our reference list includes; Shingo Yamamoto, Oldenzaal Classics, Scuderia Sportiva Colonia, Catuned, Tom Kirksey, Kenfowerkz Customs, LaJolla BMW and many others. If they trusted us with their parts, you can too!

Want to get to know the people behind the name? Check out our two part video interview below!